Zhang Hua was born in Pu’er,Yunnan of China in 1979. He graduates from Yunnan Fine Arts Institute with a major in sculpture in 2006.ZHANG is currently living in Kunming and Beijing. His art works are collected by Guangdong Art Museum and private collectors from China, America and Indonesia. Major exhibitions include: 2007 New Interface3 - Searching the Future” at Lui Hai Su Art Museum,Shanghai, “Starting from the Southwest - Exhibition of Contemporary in Southwest China” at Guangdong Arts Museum, Guangzhou,“New Power China” Nominative Exhibition at Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, 2006 “Concord but Diverse - Invitational Exhibitionof Contemporary Southwest Sculptors” Chengdu and “Shanghai Art Fair - Youth Artists Recommendation Exhibition 2006”,The archetype for Zhang Hua’s human figure sculptures is drawn from the classic images of history. A plaster image of these figures is often used as a model in art school sketching classes. In contemporary art, the classics are often re-interpreted and re-shaped in the form of cartoon figures, as a way of mocking tradition. However, to mock tradition with insights is not simply a joke, it requires profound thinking and the strength of expression. Zhang’s works apply the artistic language of squeezing and squashing, yanking and stretching, repeating the expressive wrinkles to shape the form. The visual impact from his works arouses feelings of anxiety in viewers. This type of concern is inevitably expressed on the face of ancient thinkers. However, the spiritual shockwave inflicted by Zhang’s works will bring every person to a stop as they stroll past his works. Introduction to Zhang Hua, by Wang Lin.


Blossom/ 花花 2/5
2007, Paint on Resin, 62(L) X 78(W) X 36(H)cm